How to become a teacherpreneur?

The second curious session I have watched on the iatefl 2017 is a session by a Russian teacher named Marina Kladova. Apart from the curious title,Marina shares the most inspiring experience. She is a teacher who found a way out of the routine and the vicious circle that can lead to teacher's burn out. So... Continue Reading →

The mother-teacher

Now many of us must have heard the term "teacher-author, where the teacher is also adapting the role of author when s/he starts reflecting and writing about his in-class experiments and practices.Today, I am not going to talk about myself as the teacher-author but as the teacher who happened to be a mother. Although this... Continue Reading →

Jan Blake, IATEFL 2016

Never in my life have I ever seen a hall so silent except when a storyteller was there performing in a stage.Twice in my life have I ever seen that amount of audience interact and chant back except when it was Vanessa Esteves at the NILE TESOL,and today when it was Jan Blake telling her... Continue Reading →

The 5 minute lesson plan

So you have an observation this week.You will need to write a detailed lesson plan the one where you end up writing 12 pages for ONE hour observation.What is more you are delivering the session and trying to follow up with the 100 steps you yourself added  the night before.Well, that is me anyway but... Continue Reading →

Find your niche- Self Marketing IATEFL 2016

An interesting session was held by Jenny Giambalvo Rode.It was titled :Self-marketing for English teachers - use your strengths for competitive advantage.Jenny is not an English teacher but in the field of marketing.She starts off by describing teachers as one person company whose consumers are their students.Then she walks her audience through defined steps that should... Continue Reading → -IATEFL 2016(reflection)

Dear Diary,Today I am sharing some inspiring news!The first interview I saw on the day before the start of the plenaries 12-04-2016 was Rob interviewing Julie Pratten.She shared such an inspiring story about teaching at  Syrian refugee camps in Iraq, as a logistic officer named Khaniwar Ali approached Julie via Facebook asking for help to... Continue Reading →

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